Sabrina (Blog Guest Post)

BullyingPeople may think I’m different, sound funny, act a little strange, but to my friends and family I am just myself. I tend to view the world as an open book you may know what to expect, but then again you might come across a surprise here or there. I embrace the individual that I am, but it wasn’t easy to accept at first. I was bullied, beat up and harassed growing up; reason being that I was attracted to the same gender. I will share with you the torment I endured being who I was. I am not ashamed or scared anymore and hopefully those who are reading this will not be scared as well.

I was raised in a Christian household my parents were your regular parents very loving, and caring to me and my younger brother. My Mother was your typical housewife and my Dad worked for the largest junk car removal Fayetteville NC had to offer.

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