As humans we all have different likes and dislikes in this world, which is what makes all of us unique. Some of us individuals tend to get bent out of shape when someone doesn’t like the way you cook something, or how you add certain condiments to a sandwich. We all make different career choices whether it’s taking over the family Hamilton paving company to being a professional lawyer or a doctor. We are all unique in our own way, this is why our country is awesome. We can share our unique qualities to the world. There are dozens of folks with different backgrounds that in itself can be hard on an individual as well. My little blog post will touch on this subject.

We all have our own religious beliefs, most of the time it can cause an uproar for some, others tend to not really care at all about it. I find it very interesting how many people act towards others beliefs. We then get upset because someone may not agree with us, or believe in what we are “preaching”. It is amazing how many thoughts, ideas, beliefs, etc. we all have. It may rub others the wrong way in different ways, but that is what makes the world we live in the way it is. Look how much controversy there is over religion in this present day. We all have our opinions on the subject, but why does it have to cause so much issues in the world? To be honest we all have our different beliefs some might agree some might not, but there is nothing we can do about it except just live with it or keep on disrespecting it. You choose?

Besides the religion controversy many of us have eating customs and certain food dishes that we like to prepare. This may come from our culture and how we were raised. Many of us get criticized on that as well, which is uncalled for, but in this world we still have ignorant people. It is not a problem to voice your opinion about something let alone ask a question, but to always make fun or to bring someone down on how and what they eat is downright cruel. We are fortunate in this country to have many different cultures around us. Instead of being rude how about you try to educate yourself about that culture you are making fun of.

I find the world we live in cruel and harsh, but diverse and beautiful all at the same time. We encounter many harsh realities in this world where we sometimes don’t even know how to accept it. It just happens because it is part of life and we have to live in it. We encounter so many cruel people in this world and unfortunately this is our reality. We encounter so many diverse people it does make the world a beautiful place. So many different cultures, art, history, foods, etc. Some of us do not appreciate it, but it is here and it will forever be part of our lives whether we like it or not. We are all the same because we all have a heart, and sometimes we need to use it to love more and hate less.


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