Sabrina (Blog Guest Post)

BullyingPeople may think I’m different, sound funny, act a little strange, but to my friends and family I am just myself. I tend to view the world as an open book you may know what to expect, but then again you might come across a surprise here or there. I embrace the individual that I am, but it wasn’t easy to accept at first. I was bullied, beat up and harassed growing up; reason being that I was attracted to the same gender. I will share with you the torment I endured being who I was. I am not ashamed or scared anymore and hopefully those who are reading this will not be scared as well.

I was raised in a Christian household my parents were your regular parents very loving, and caring to me and my younger brother. My Mother was your typical housewife and my Dad worked for the largest junk car removal Fayetteville NC had to offer.

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Our Children


Do you ever worry about how the world will be when your children become adults? Or just imagine how the world will be when you do decide to have children. I personally worry about the racial abuse my children will endure in life, the teasing and the bullying because they are who they are. This article will touch on the subject of how our children will embrace this critical and cruel world as they get older and how it makes us as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles worry about it so much.

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Helen’s Story


Have you ever walked down the street and seen something that you just didn’t agree with? Or even witnessed someone being harassed or criticized for the person they are? I have witnessed both and it has been very disturbing and hurtful. People in this world are mean, hurtful, and just downright cruel. I will share with you a story about a girl who was bullied and made fun of just because of her culture and beliefs.

Helen was your regular teenager she liked all the social media platforms, loved all the music that was on the radio, there was nothing out of the ordinary with Helen at all. She was very intelligent and very driven when it came to her studies, and that is because of her parents. Her parents worked for a successful plumbing contractor Kansas City MO and were very strict since they came from Ethiopia before she was born. She grew up in a household where traditions and beliefs were very important. Education was most important to Helen’s parents because it was something that her parents had lack of when they lived in Ethiopia.

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As humans we all have different likes and dislikes in this world, which is what makes all of us unique. Some of us individuals tend to get bent out of shape when someone doesn’t like the way you cook something, or how you add certain condiments to a sandwich. We all make different career choices whether it’s taking over the family Hamilton paving company to being a professional lawyer or a doctor. We are all unique in our own way, this is why our country is awesome. We can share our unique qualities to the world. There are dozens of folks with different backgrounds that in itself can be hard on an individual as well. My little blog post will touch on this subject.

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