Our Children


Do you ever worry about how the world will be when your children become adults? Or just imagine how the world will be when you do decide to have children. I personally worry about the racial abuse my children will endure in life, the teasing and the bullying because they are who they are. This article will touch on the subject of how our children will embrace this critical and cruel world as they get older and how it makes us as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles worry about it so much.

The younger generation today is very diverse and very different from when most of us were younger. We all listen to different kinds of music and there many different cultural shows on television. Media, social networks even to music embeds our kids’ heads with how they are supposed to be because they are a certain nationality or race. My Son is Spanish and his friend is African American, but both of them listen to Taylor Swift. Is that a crime? Will this affect both of them as they grow up? To some individuals it is a crime, and sometimes it can affect any child as they grow up.

My son and his friend get teased because they listen to Taylor Swift, like how dare you listen to this music. This is something that worries me as a parent because just because my son is Spanish he can only listen to Jennifer Lopez or Selena Gomez. Some folks really believe in sticking to “your own” and just because you are Spanish, African American, Caucasian you have to just stick to your own kind. I don’t agree with that at all, and many might disagree with me as well but we all have our own opinions on this topic.

As a child I grew up listening to Rock and Roll and I did get talked about because I wasn’t supposed to be listening to that kind of music. It’s like history is repeating itself with son and I am trying to prepare him for it. When your child comes up to you and ask, “why do people say I am different”, or “why I am that tan color”, or “why don’t I listen to merengue music”. As a mother it does bother you. Your child should be embracing the individual they are, not worrying about what other people are saying about there background or complexion.

The time has come for all parents to step up and fight for their children. Our children absorb everything we do and say, they watch how treat each other cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, and people. We have an impact on them because we are the ones they look up too. Teach your child to embrace all the beauty of world instead of ridiculing it or being ignorant towards it. It will not hurt them to just experience the beauty our diverse world has to offer them.

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